Who Can I Trust In The Online Space?

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In the business world today, everyone knows someone who develops websites.  I have no doubt that virtually all of those known web developers are talented at what they do.  They can and do deliver their clients snazzy, functional web destinations.  But, do those developers ask the following VITAL questions as they go about designing and building a website:  Will this website drive conversions“?  “Is this website optimally designed to attract the specific target demographic groups to whom it’s intended to reach”?  The answer is almost always “no”.  And that’s true because very few web developers are proficient marketers.  They are creative folks, artistic people.  Well, we’re both artistic and revenue-driven on behalf of our clients.  At Engage & Convert, everything we do is built around answering these questions.  

The fictitious scenario I’m laying out here is fiction only in the sense that it is contrived as an example.  What it is, is a scenario culled and aggregated from our clients and business partners as they have related their experiences to us over the years.  Does it ring familiar to you?

Jerri is an attorney who several years ago established her own practice after being a minor partner at a large law firm for several years.  She saw the potential that the Online space represented in generating awareness for her new practice.  Jerri asked several colleagues in the legal field for referrals, and after interviewing several, she chose a freelance web developer and retained Todd.  Jerri paid Todd a lump sum for the development of her website, and they agreed on a monthly fee Jerri would pay him to host her website and promote it Online.  

Jerri was delivered a very nice looking, functional website within 30 days.  Todd published the site and began promoting it through organic SEO practices.  Around 30 days later, approximately 90 days after Jerri first started her foray into the Online space, Jerri received several calls from potential clients that learned about her through Online research.  One of those potential clients ended up becoming a decent client, and she recouped much of the initial cost of the development of her website.  Jerri was ecstatic!  She was very hopeful that along with all of the other mechanisms of generating interest in her fledgeling practice, her website and the marketing Todd was doing for her would supply all of the leads necessary to make her practice a success.

Alas, this was far from the case.  After the first couple of months of marketing on Jerri’s behalf, Todd got involved in several large projects and stopped committing as much time and energy on Jerri’s web marketing as he did at the beginning.  However, Todd continued to accept Jerri’s monthly payments.  When a few leads per month from her website trickled down to none, Jerri called Todd to ask why.  Todd admitted to not spending any time to speak of on her website or the marketing of it, and Todd agreed to stop charging her monthly fees for marketing, and only charge her his cost for hosting the site going forward.

Fast forward to today.  It’s early January 2014, and Jerri still has her website, which was designed in 2010 by Todd.  It could use a refresh, and Jerri knows it.  Jerri still believes that the Online space represents tremendous potential to help her promote her law practice, but after her less than spectacular experience with Todd in 2010, she’s extremely wary of the Online space and the people that operate it.

Engage & Convert was founded in response to “Jerri’s problem”.  A very nice looking, functional website is only a beginning.  Understanding each business’s needs and marketing objectives and then fashioning and executing a cohesive, holistic Internet marketing strategy built for long-term revenue capitalization is Engage & Convert’s specialty.  We look forward to learning about your business, and to showing you how we can optimize conversions for your Online marketing initiatives.

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