“Set It And Forget It”. Good For A Cooker. For Marketers, Not So Much

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Have you ever watched the legendary Ron Popeil as he weaves his magic in the Ronco Showtime Rotisserie Informercial?  When the audience repeatedly chants “Set It Ad Forget It”, we see the deployment of a host of ingenious marketing mechanisms, delivered by perhaps the best and most famous huckster of them all.  This famous slogan is extremely effective, and is a true statement concerning cooking with “Showtime”.

HOWEVER, “set it and forget it” can be harmful, very harmful in the Online space. Even so, it is surprisingly commonplace.  There is a tendency, once a campaign has been successfully tested and rolled out, to “set and forget” the marketing apparatus.  If a marketing agency doesn’t continually monitor, measure and optimize campaigns and waits until  ROI begins to trail off to take corrective action, it is often too late to learn enough about “the whys” in order to reverse the negative trends.

But even more important, such a hands-off marketing strategy is a missed opportunity to continually maximize ROI.  When a marketing agency continually monitors, tests and optimizes engagement and conversion rates, ROI can be continually kept at maximal levels.  Additionally, over time, the data can be analyzed and in turn used to make ongoing small tweaks as well as larger, bigger picture marketing decisions regarding how to optimally allocate and distribute marketing resources and dollars.

This is where Engage & Convert excels.  We never rest.  We are always testing, always optimizing.  We incorporate a vigilance into our culture based upon the M.H.E.A. approach, and this process never ends.

I encourage you to visit us online at http://convertwith.me to visualize some of our approaches, and to agree to schedule a call with us at your convenience to go over how we can optimize your Online conversions.