Our experience shows that in order to get the best results, we should get to know each other first. We prefer doing this in person where possible, but if distance is an obstacle then by video chat. We can setup a Google Hangout or Skype call so that we can learn more about what you need and manage expectations on both sides.

Gather Ideas

Nothing good comes out of thinking in a vacuum, so we avoid it at all costs... therefore it's critical that we gather all your current ideas. Depending on the project, this might be docs, presentations, analytics, KPIs, code base, or even just drawings on a napkin. We fully understand our clients’ need for discretion so we respect your possible wish for us to sign a non-disclosure agreement (Our MNDA). Once we’ve received all of the input for the presentation we will start reading and sketching. If necessary we might have to arrange a second meeting to walk trough the content together. Large files such as video or existing presentations can be sent to us via our Dropbox upload form.

Planning & Quote

Based upon your complete input and additional requests as well as potentially tight deadlines, we'll put together a project proposal and quote.

If you give the go-ahead, we'll provide all the key delivery dates and set you up with your own area within our project management system. This will ensure that communication is tight and expectations are clear from the outset.

Concept & Design

This stage of the process depends on the service we are performing, but in general once the quote has been accepted and the contract signed, we'll begin working on the conceptual parts of the project, i.e. mock-up website, design presentation, layout UI, etc.

We will look at both form and function - however, we always focus on end conversions and ultimate engagement.

Build & Execution

Once the concept & design mock-up are approved, the project will begin full build phase where we implement the design & concept based upon the our executed proposal.

Go Live

When that moment comes to ship code, launch a campaign, make the pitch or whatever it is we are helping you with; you can rest easy knowing that you have a great support team. We'll monitor all aspects of the live product, taking feedback and analyzing the data to ensure that we are delivering only the best product.

we look forward to making your plans a reality