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Engage & Convert:  Online Architects

In previous blog entries, I’ve written about how few outstanding web developers there are that are also proficient marketers, and that Engage & Convert was founded to close this gap.  I’ve written about how many Online marketing agencies are happy to sit back and collect revenue without doing much to maximize revenue after the first wave of success is achieved upon a campaign’s successful launch, too many applying a “Set It and Forget It” approach.  I wrote about how Engage & Convert continually studies the metrics and uses the latest analytical tools available to continually maximize conversion rates and ROI.  I’ve written about one of those powerful tools, AB testing, and how we use it to optimize conversions.

Since then, we’ve been busy constructing new Online architecture for our clients.  These projects are all Business to Business (B2B) Online buildouts.  Consequently, they have nothing to do with consumer marketing, driving traffic or any of the other nifty “Direct to Consumer” (D2C) tools I’ve been touting.  They are complex, entirely new and novel Online architectural constructs.   I want you to know that we have the expertise, experience, scalability and bandwidth to tackle the largest and most complicated Online undertakings.

Architects must be able to incorporate many systems so they work together as a cohesive structure capable of supporting its occupants.  That’s why the metaphor works so well.  As Online Architects, we must also make many disparate systems communicate seamlessly and work together.

I hope that this post further explains more of our many capabilities in the Online space.  In this role, as Online Architects, we’re still Engaging and Converting.  It’s on a different playing field, is all.  We look forward to continuing to serve you, and those you refer to us.  Thanks and I hope you make it a great one!