Google Maps and Places. Can We See You?

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Many business owners are surprised to learn that there’s a whole corner of the Online space built around Google Places For Business.   If your business is listed in “Places”, your business is visible in Google Maps.  Savvy consumers know that when they need local services of any kind, they can go to Google Maps on their mobile device or on desktop, and simply key in the type of services that they need.  Dry cleaners, shoe repair, Optometrists, and the like, one can simply key into Google Maps, and all businesses that have listed themselves on Google Places for Business will show up on the map in the area around the user’s current location.  And, consumers can leave reviews of the businesses in Google Maps.  In this way, a consumer-collaborative Online environment has welled up around Google Maps and Places.

On mobile, this is a particularly powerful consumer tool.  The consumer can read reviews of the business other consumers have left, they can visit the company’s website, and fully investigate the potential vendor in minutes, all from their mobile device.  Once a vendor has sufficiently attracted a consumer on Google Maps, the consumer can tell Google Maps to give her/him driving directions and they can be in the store ready to transact in surprisingly short order.

Many business owners either don’t know about this service at all, or grossly underestimate its ability to drive foot traffic.  Of course, this doesn’t apply to all businesses, but clearly ALL consumer services companies should be listed in “Places/Maps”, and even many businesses who don’t directly serve consumers usually find that listing themselves in “Places/Maps” puts a face, a new visibility, onto their image that imparts many tangible and intangible benefits.

This hotbed of consumer activity largely flies under the radar of most small to medium-sized business owners’ marketing strategies.  For businesses that depend upon consumer foot traffic, this compartment of the Online space will become increasingly important to occupy.  Engage & Convert can not only help your business maximize this powerful driver of traffic, we can help you incorporate “Premium” features that can bring you a featured listing in “Maps” search results, and ensure that your listing puts the best possible face of your business forward for a new and highly desirable consumer base.