Email Marketing. Does It Work?

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Email Marketing

The answer to this question is a resounding “yes it can, and it does”.  Email marketing does work, but only when the campaign has been properly configured from front to back and top to bottom.   If an Email marketing campaign has not been properly set up, then it is most likely doomed to failure.  Read on to find the key elements that go into the creation and implementation of a successful Email marketing campaign.

  1. Assessing The Target Consumer.  The best place to start is at the beginning.  We must ask the questions, “who are we reaching out to, and what are we asking them to do”?  Answering those questions first will allow us to design elements in the body of the email itself and in the web pages we’re asking recipients to surf to that will cause them to be inspired to take action.  If we’re reaching out to retirees, for example, things will need to look a bit different than if we’re reaching out to small business owners in their mid-30’s.
  2. Considering the Product or Service Offered. We must bear in mind what we’re asking our target consumer to do, the action we’re asking them to take.  If we’re asking consumers to consider buying a retail product, things are going to look vastly different than if we’re asking business owners to a consider acquiring new services.
  3. Designing the Email Content, Call to Action and Web Landing Pages.  After consumer and product assessments are completed, using that intelligence to craft the content and design elements in the subject line, the body of the email, and in the the landing pages we’re asking recipients to surf to are crucial.  And they all must work together in concert.  If you’ve read this far, you may be remarking to yourself that we haven’t even gotten to the actual Emailing yet, and you are correct!  This groundwork is all-important.  Emails will be wasted effort if we haven’t taken away recipients’ main reasons for disposing of emails before they’re even opened or read.
  4. Finding Recipients Who Will Open and Read Emails.  Once we’ve created content that will give us the best chance to inspire recipients to take actionwe must find the right recipients.  If we already have a well-established subscriber base to work with, then we’re fortunate.  If not, this part of the process frequently becomes a “chicken-egg discussion”.  Without good eggs (email subscribers), how can we get chickens?  The answer is to find recipients who are expecting, even asking for the kind of emails that our campaign needs.  Is this a fairy tale fantasy with no way of fulfilling?  Happily the answer is “no”!  The great news is that there are thousands people out there wanting to read and respond to the emails your business wants to send, and we know where to find them!
  5. Sending Legal Emails That Clear the Spam Filters and Get Read.  Finally, we are ready to actually send an email!  It’s no wonder most Email campaigns fail.  Just getting to this point takes careful, concerted effort on several fronts.  Now that we’ve gotten this far, we have to ensure that the emails aren’t illegal.  The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 dictates that certain “best practices” be incorporated into every email that is intended to market a product or service.  Then the delicate balance must be struck between compliance with legal requirements and consumers’ likelihood to open an email that is clearly marked as being commercial in nature.  This is an art and a science that is a specialty of Engage & Convert.
  6. After Emails Are Sent, Analysis and Fine-Tuning Are Key. Studying key data regarding “opens”, “clicks”, and ultimately “conversions”, are vital.  If we have incorporated A/B Testing into the campaign,  we can optimize the campaign on an ongoing basis, honing the sales funnel to insure that conversions are maximized.

If you come away from this post thinking that Email marketing is difficult and complex, then I’ve done my work well.  It’s a realm for professionals well-versed in all of this processes’ ins and outs, with the seasoned experience in the crafting, implementation and ongoing management of a successful campaign.  If you have been considering kicking off an Email marketing campaign, or have been doing it yourself and are looking to expand or improve upon what you’ve already started, we hope you’ll consider letting Engage & Convert go to work for you.