Content Marketing: Last Bastion Of Persuasion?

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Content Marketing Ready to Hatch Rewards

Content marketing may be a term you’re already familiar with.  For many, throwing resources into such a seemingly passive approach to selling seems counter-intuitive.  The reality is that for an increasing number of decision makers, a “passive approach” is the only option a seller has left.  If one has any real hope of influencing a target audience, a change of approach and philosophy is probably in order.

In any event, the content an organization accumulates on its website positions that organization as an expert in its field, influencing potential buyers and clients over time. The front-end work content marketing takes can seem daunting.  It takes regular, scheduled provision of pertinent content in the form of blog posts, articles, newsletters, video content and website content updates over a period of several months to begin reaping benefits.  And, the biggest rewards come later than that, usually after 1 year.  Once those rewards start coming, however, they only continue to grow over time.  Read on to learn why!

I’ve been selling to consumers and businesses since the 1980’s.  Back then, it was a challenge to influence purchasing behavior, to “establish need”.  30 years later, advancing technologies, namely the Internet, have dramatically reshaped the way in which decision makers reach buying decisions.  At present, the challenge of influencing buyers is even greater!

Consumers and businesses have much more access to information and are educating themselves as they consider purchases both large and small.  Fewer and fewer of us require a sales rep to tell us about a product or service we are considering purchasing.  Oftentimes, it’s one, two, or several key, final considerations the decision maker needs addressed before pulling the trigger.  Successful sellers must be experts in their respective fields, and they must be ready to answer those key questions their customers need answered.

From a seller’s perspective, add to the aforementioned that advancing technologies in communications, like email spam filters, anti-virus technologies, telephone “no call lists” and the like have put a tremendous amount of control in the hands of decision makers.  A savvy user can keep at bay even the most wiley of sales reps and marketing schemes.  So, the question is then, what’s left?  Sure, true face to face selling still has it’s place, but that place is shrinking, and the costs associated with getting in front of decision makers, physically, are only increasing.  Pile on top of that decision-makers’ ever-shrinking available time!

Consider the term “evergreen content”.  Once a marketer provisions an article or video on their website, that content will get a small amount of traffic at first.  But over time, due to the viral nature of the internet, that traffic grows exponentially.  Here’s an example.  This Youtube video was created in 2011, and the website for which it was filmed was closed in 2012.  But the video’s views are growing at a faster rate in 2014 than it ever has!

Evergreen Content Statistics Image

Evergreen Content Statistics Image

Think about that!  There have been zero new posts on this Youtube channel since 2011 and the website this video was made to promote is defunct.  Yet this video has taken on a life of its own!  Clearly, the power of content marketing and evergreen content is well-demonstrated.  What remains to be answered is how to put this power to work for you.

Successful content marketing takes a calculated online strategy coupled with a long-term commitment to seeing that strategy through.  This process can be done internally by an organization’s own personnel, or by an agency such as Engage & Convert.  Either way, the rich rewards are awaiting those that take advantage of the benefits of content marketing.  We can help you put together a strategy you can implement yourself, or you can let us do the heavy lifting for you.  Either way, we’re always here to help.