Email Marketing

Email Marketing. Does It Work?

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The answer to this question is a resounding “yes it can, and it does”.  Email marketing does work, but only when the campaign has been properly configured from front to back and top to bottom.   If an Email marketing campaign has not been properly set up, then it is most likely doomed to failure.  Read […]

Content Marketing Ready to Hatch Rewards

Content Marketing: Last Bastion Of Persuasion?

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Content marketing may be a term you’re already familiar with.  For many, throwing resources into such a seemingly passive approach to selling seems counter-intuitive.  The reality is that for an increasing number of decision makers, a “passive approach” is the only option a seller has left.  If one has any real hope of influencing a target audience, […]


Google Maps and Places. Can We See You?

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Many business owners are surprised to learn that there’s a whole corner of the Online space built around Google Places For Business.   If your business is listed in “Places”, your business is visible in Google Maps.  Savvy consumers know that when they need local services of any kind, they can go to Google Maps […]

Mobile Internet

Mobile Internet Dominates. Are You Prepared?

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Did you know that a new era has officially dawned in the Online space?  As had been predicted for several years, mobile internet users now outnumber desktop users in the U.S., starting last January. Quoting ComScore,  CNN/Money showed that “Mobile devices accounted for 55% of Internet usage in the United States in January. Apps made up […]

Engage & Convert:  Online Architects

Online Architects

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In previous blog entries, I’ve written about how few outstanding web developers there are that are also proficient marketers, and that Engage & Convert was founded to close this gap.  I’ve written about how many Online marketing agencies are happy to sit back and collect revenue without doing much to maximize revenue after the first […]


AB Testing, A Powerful Tool

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Online marketing can seem highly technical, and in some way it is.  However, in other ways, it’s very simple.  Today I’ll touch on a couple of the more simple tools we employ to optimize conversions. One really cool thing about the Online space is that once a flow of traffic is established, it can be […]


Who Can I Trust In The Online Space?

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In the business world today, everyone knows someone who develops websites.  I have no doubt that virtually all of those known web developers are talented at what they do.  They can and do deliver their clients snazzy, functional web destinations.  But, do those developers ask the following VITAL questions as they go about designing and […]